Triangle Tag

Set Up:

  • Make an equilateral triangle out of three cones. Each side is 6-8yds long. Assign two players to each triangle.

  • The players start on two points of the triangle

  • On the coach’s signal, players run clockwise with the ball and try to tag the player in front of them.

  • Repeat the game with the other player chasing. Then rotate players to new traingles and partners.

Coaching Points:

  • Keep all players active with short rest periods.

  • Encourage dribbling with different parts of the foot.

  • Note the differences between running with the ball and changing direction.


  • Play tag without a ball.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


kHolmstrom on 8/22/2022

set up 3 triangles

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