Set Up:

The attacker and the first defender start at opposite ends of the cone line. When the attacker starts the dribbling run, the first defender must circle around the cone line before running to goal. A second defender is stationed on the penalty spot, looking to contain the attacker until the second defender can create a 1v2. The play goes to completion, and then the players rotate to new positions.

Coaching Points:

  • Defender tracking

  • Defender in front

  • Natural time limit

  • Attacking ingredients

  • Speed

  • Change of direction

  • Ball manipulation

  • Unbalance defender(s)

Players Required: 


Jherar on 3/19/2024

Nacho mira los videos vamos a trabajar con eso pero recuerda ellos tienen que dar por lo menos de 4 a 5 vueltas la


Donavon2233 on 3/8/2024

Dribbling 2