Set Up:

Play begins with a 4v2 rondo in the central zone inside of the penalty area. Four additional players are stationed around the outside of the penalty area, teaming up with the two defenders in the 4v2. The attackers in the 4v2 score points by making a certain number of consecutive passes. When the defenders in the 4v2 win the ball, they pass to one of their teammates outside of the penalty area to begin the 6v4 to goal. Any ball played out of the central zone (for example, a bad pass) also initiates the 6v4. The four outside players must stay out of the penalty area during play. When the defenders win the ball in the 6v4, they re-start play in the central zone.

Coaching Points:

1.  Speed of Play – Play in a one and two touch rhythm.

2.  Transition – Anticipate changes of possession and move first. 

3.  “Switching Off” – Stay involved in play, and do not become a spectator.


1.  Use the offsides rule during the 6v4.

2.  All six attackers may enter the penalty area.  

Players Required: 


SHFC_Hurricanes on 5/5/2024

Great drill, the boys love this

Donavon2233 on 3/8/2024


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Pregame drill

FCRASTA on 2/7/2021
Good rondo