Equipment; balls and cones

Set up a 4ft x 4ft box with four cones. The trainer stands in front of the box with a ball in hands. The goalkeepers line up at the bottom of the box and step forward as soon as the previous goalkeeper is out of the way. With an uneven number of goalkeepers, it is easiest for the trainer to switch to left and right every time. The trainer holds the ball in the left or right hand with a stretched out arm. On the sign of the trainer the first goalkeeper steps up between the two front cones The goalkeeper hops straight up, lands on both feet (hip width) and steps with one foot towards the ball with a big step.  The trainer throws the ball next to the head of the goalkeeper, he/she catches and falls on his/her side. The goalkeeper either brings the ball to the chest or leaves the ball out with stretched arms. The goalkeeper gets up, gives the ball back to the trainer and moves back to the end of the line.

Focus Points:

  • Small hop from the goalkeeper on sign of the coach.

  • Hop straight up.

  • The goalkeeper must land on the forefeet with feet hip width apart to create muscle tension.

  • Take one big step into the ball. When the foot lands, the hands of the goalie should land on the ball.

  • The goalkeeper goes through the knee and land on the side of the body.

  • While falling, keep the ball out, or bring the ball to the chest.

  • Keep the elbow on ‘falling side’ away from the body.

  • Do not fall on the elbow.

  • Proper execution of dynamic and agility movements.

  • Make sure to use arms. Hands go from ‘pocket to ear’.

  • Proper technical execution of passing and receiving and distribution.

Players Required: