U16 Soccer Practice Plan - Shooting Under Pressure

Practice Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Warm Up Shooting

5 min. - Forward Goalie Warm up

Shooting and Finishing Drills

10 min. - Touch Turn & Shoot
10 min. - Shooting Box
10 min. - Instep Shot with Pressure

Shooting & Finishing Games

15 min. - 3 vs. 3 Own Half Shooting
10 min. - Striker Shootout

Forward Goalie Warm Up

Forward Goalie Warm Up

A classic warm up drill for goalies, midfielders, and strikers. This drill focuses on anticipation and a good first touch. The player receiving the pass can lay the ball of to the left or to the right and the shooting player  needs to compensate Players need to control the ball in one touch and shoot quickly Players need to keep their heads up Goalies should attach when there is a bad pass or touch

Touch, Turn & Shoot

Touch, Turn & Shoot

Touch, Turn & Shoot is a shooting soccer drill that focuses on a good first touch followed by a long shot on goal.   Players will receive the ball facing the passer with their back to the net. They will need to receive the ball, turn, and shoot in as few touches as possible.  Set up the soccer drill as shown in the diagram.  The first player will call for the ball and run up the discs/cones.  The passer should try to make a pass so Player 1 receives the ball in between the discs/cones.  Player 1 receives the ball, turns towards the inside of the field, and shoots.  After the shot they go to the end of the other line. Players alternate sides so they can work on right and left foot shots.  The passer, after making the pass becomes the shooter and takes the shooters place.  To see the drill in action view the animation.

Shooting Box

Shooting Box - Soccer Shooting Drill

This Soccer Drill focuses on shooting the ball quickly off of a pass.  One player is in the box created by the four cones and three other players are about 10 - 15 yards away, each with soccer balls.  P2 passes the ball to P1 and P1 has to receive the ball, turn and shoot while staying in the box.  Player should try to get the shot off with only two touches.  P1 receives a pass from all three players outside the box and then switches with another player.  Players inside the box should try to turn both ways and work on shooting with both feet.

Instep Shot with Pressure

Instep Shot with Pressure

In this soccer drill players work on their shots while running across the field and using their instep.  Pressure is also applied to players so they need to get the shot off with one touch of the ball.  The coach should gather the soccer balls at about the corner of the 18 box.  The attacker line should start just even with the coach to the outside of the box. The defender line starts 3-5 yards behind the coach on the other side to allow the attacker a slight advantage.  On the whistle, the coach rolls a ball into space so it ends up near the middle of the field 15-20 yards away from the net.  Make sure to switch sides so players can use both feet.

3 vs. 3 Own Half Shooting

3 vs. 3 Own Half Shooting Soccer Drill

This soccer drill is a fun game for players and goalies and recommended for U16 age levels to U12 age levels.  To set up, place the nets about 30 yards apart and split the field into half using either the center field line, discs, or cones.  The coach should be off to the side with a reserve of balls.  Three players and one goalie are on each team.  Players may not cross the center line.  The players must pass the ball and create an opening to get a clear shot on net.  The team that does not have possession is trying to get in the shooting lanes to protect against a clear shot on net. This drill requires players to make quick passes and quick shots in order to get quality scoring chances.  Defenders should also have a good presence of mind to stay in the shooting lanes and minimize the clear shooting lanes. 

Striker Shoutout

Striker Shoutout - Soccer Shooting Drill

This drill focuses on passing, speed, trapping, ball control, and shooting.  The passing player becomes the shooter.   Players need to explode to the cone Trap, turn, shot in 2 touches, pass to the attacking player on the ground or in the air. All players need to be moving in place.  *The passing player becomes the shooter.  Younger age groups might need an additional touch.