A simple shooting set up that can be easily adapted into fun races or 1v1s to goal. Can also vary the feed to work on volleys and half volleys.

Coaching Points:

  • Read the pass and angle of the ball as it comes, is it best to take a touch and shoot or can it be hit first time?

  • Communicate and show where you want the ball, to feet so you can control and shoot? Or into the space in front of you to step on and hit first time?

  • Lift your head to see where the goalkeeper is before getting your head down to strike

A good practice for a lot of shooting repetition and trial and error. Encourage players to work on low and hard finishes, powerful strikes and any creative way they can think of to hit the back of the net.

Players Required: 


jrosemin on 10/13/2022

Use for working on shooting technique. on 4/6/2022

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