Multi Team Endzone Soccer

Set Up:

  • Make three teams of three players.
  • In a 30 x 20 grid, two teams play 3 v 3. The third team waits on the end line.
  • The teams score by dribbling into the end zone.
  • Once a goal is scored, the ball is passed to a player on the third team. The team that was scored on goes to the end line. The team that scored becomes the defending team. From there, play continues back and forth across the field.

Coaching Points:

1.  Aggressively attack with the dribble in 1 v 1 situations.

2.  Change speed and direction during 1 v 1s.

3.  Look for blind side runs and thru passes.


1.  Decrease the size of the end zone.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


TonyR on 11/8/2020

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