Set Up:

Four groups of four players play 3v1 in any of the open circles on the field. After making three passes, the attackers must send one player into an empty circle to try and transfer the ball over to that circle. When a successful pass is made, the players re-form the 3v1 in that circle. If the attackers lose possession in the circle or during a transfer, the attacker who made the error becomes the new defender (Red Player). If a defender has not won possession within a minute, he should switch out with one of the attackers.

Coaching Points:

1.  Spacing – The three attackers should use the entire circle and force the defender to chase.

2.  Speed of Play – All of the attackers should play in a one and two touch rhythm.

3.  Field of Vision – Attackers should scan the entire field constantly during play.


Progression 1 – Two attackers make the run to an open circle after the third pass.

Players Required: 


Donavon2233 on 3/8/2024

3 vs 1 possession multiple players practice

MikeWhit2000 on 8/8/2022
Ensure players receive pass with open body shape (half turn)