Set Up:

30x30 box with 15x15 zone inside. Play 1v1 + 1 with neutrals on the edge. Attackers are limited to two touches. The neutrals are limited to one touch, and they must make a sprint around a cone on every pass they make. The players inside zone switch out with three of the neutrals every minute.

Can we receive and turn well in the central zone?

Can we have a good accurate pass from the neutrals?

High intensity game related sprint after the pass.

Coaching Points:

1.  Make sharp runs without the ball to create enough space to receive and turn.

2.  Outside neutrals must stay on their toes, always looking to receive.

3.  Outside neutrals must sprint full speed and get back to their space.


1.  Pair up the outside players so that two players make the run around the cone at the same time.

Players Required: