Set Up:

  • Make a 15x15 yd field as shown.
  • When coach passes a ball onto the field, the first player in each line runs around the cone on the opposite end line and then onto the field.
  • The two players go 1v1 to any of the four goals, but they must dribble through the gate in front of that goal before shooting.

Coaching Points:

1.  Feint towards one goal, then turn and attack a different goal.

2.  Use big touches when trying to run away from the defender

3.  Cut in front of the defender to shield the ball.


1.  Progress to 1 pt. for a goal scored and 1 pt. for using a move to beat an opponent. 

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


STPAA on 10/4/2023

Simplify to ball race for 6u/8u

kappamj on 10/2/2022

1 on 1 incorporating skills with the gate, and light fitness 

CoachMejia07 on 9/23/2021


levmaurice on 9/2/2021
Fun 1 v 1