Set Up:

Players practice dribbling, Fast Footwork, turning moves, and ball control while using the U-shaped gate.

Possible skills:

#1. Half volley, back and forth.

#2. Flip it over, touch it through.

#3. Foundation dribble. Touch it back and forth thru the gate.

#4. Pulling the V pull behind the leg and through the gate.

#5. Outside of the foot, one touch back and forth.

Coaching Points:

  • Practice moves at game speed.

  • Imagine a defender is there.

Players Required: 


Donavon2233 on 3/8/2024

Dribbling with dip bar

decaros3713 on 9/3/2023

Adjust the skills as necessary. on 5/1/2023
<p> Great drill for players to practice independently or with a teammate. Important to stress the fundamentals before advancing to higher techniques. Keeping the head up is key for players in these drills.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>