Top Finishing and Crossing Drills for Youth Soccer

Top Finishing and Crossing Drills

Developing finishing and crossing skills is an important aspect of soccer that can greatly contribute to your players' overall growth and enjoyment of the game. By working on these skills, your team can become more well-rounded and confident on the field. In this blog post, we've gathered some of our favorite drills designed to help your players improve their finishing and crossing techniques in a fun and engaging learning environment.

Below are 7 of our favorite crossing and finishing drills that can help your team improve their timing, accuracy, creativity and decision-making.

Double Goal Game

The Double Goal Game provides a dynamic environment for practicing various types of crosses and finishes. Players have the freedom to cross at either goal from any side, offering numerous opportunities for unexpected finishing attempts and working on a wide range of crossing techniques.

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Far Post, Near Post #1

This drill focuses on the precision and timing of finishing runs. Players will work on completing headers at sprint speed, while learning when to finish the cross and when to head it back across. This exercise helps develop timing and spatial awareness.

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In this drill players practice overlapping to create crossing opportunities. Emphasis is placed on finding the proper finishing angle to generate power behind your shots. Additionally, players who aren't striking the cross will learn where to position themselves to capitalize on rebounds.

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The Flank Attacks drill prioritizes staying onsides and developing patience in watching the play unfold. Players will work on their timing and learn different patterns of play to set up effective crosses, helping them become more versatile in attacking scenarios.

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In this drill, quick thinking and communication are crucial. Players are encouraged to use as few touches as possible to expedite play, with the finishing run timed to coincide with the last dribble touch from the player making the cross. This exercise promotes teamwork and coordination among the three players responsible for finishing the cross.

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Through Ball Crosses

The Through Ball Crosses drill allows players to practice the up, back, and thru combination to create crossing chances. Players must read the passer's position to make accurate runs.  Coaches can encourage players to attempt early crosses to catch the goalkeeper out of position.

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Two Goal Game with Keepers:

This game encourages players to communicate and explore various crossing and heading techniques while promoting creativity. As the goalkeeper remains uncertain about the target goal, players can utilize flicked headers on hard, low crosses and experiment with different attacking strategies.

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