4 v 2 Into 2 v 1 Game

Set Up:

Three teams of two players are 4 v 2 inside of the red zone, playing keep away. When the defenders win the ball, they attack 2 v 1 against the team that lost the ball, going towards either of the two goals that team is defending. The 2 v 1’s take place inside of the blue zones. Upon completion, the team that defended the 2 v 1 becomes the defending team when the 4 v 2 re-starts. A running score is kept during the game for all three teams and goals scored in the small goals are worth one point.

Coaching Points:

1.  Attacking – Attack at speed as soon as the ball is won. Take the dribble right at the defender in the 2 v 1.​

2.  The Overlap – Make the pass as soon as the runner reaches a square position. The pass should NOT take him out wider.

3.  Decision Making – If the defender reads the combo, fake the pass and then dribble by him.


1.  Limit the time and/or the number of passes made during the 2 v 1 attack.

Players Required: 


Bsherck on 4/19/2021

Good game! 

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