U14 Practice Plans

Working through the Middle Third

Focus on fast pace of play, playing the ball with 1 or 2 touches, and timing of runs.


The drills, activities, and games in this practice plan focus on movement away from the ball.


A session that focuses on passing & receiving concepts and finishes with a 9 v 9 free play game.

Possession and Transition

A variety of games that focus on ball possession, awareness, and transition.

Changing the Field

Begin with Short,Short, Long then move into games of 5 vs 3, 8 vs 6, and 9 vs 9.

Combination Play, #1

A great selection of drills and games that focus on combination play.

Midfield Combinations

5 drills for U14 age level that focus on midfield combinations.

Shooting & Finishing - U14 Practice Plan

Focus on creating shooting opportunities. When to shoot and power vs. placement.

Principles of Defending - U14 Practice Plan

U14+ Practice Session that is focused on defending principles and when to pressure and the ball.

Dribbling to Beat an Opponent

Practice session to work on dribbling and deceptive moves to beat an opponent.

Defending Around Our Own Goal - U14 Practice Plan

This practice session is focused on concepts to defend our own goal.

U14 Practice Plan - Building Out of the Back

Shape of the backline, when and how to move forward and back.

U14 Practice Session - Attacking from Wide Areas

How and when to use space on the outside vs. middle of field.

U14 Practice Plan - Focus on Possession

A series of drills and games with an emphasis on passing and possession.

U14 Practice Plan #2 - Passing & Finishing

This practice includes a lot of finishing and competition drills.

U14 Soccer Practice Plan - Passing & Possession

Passing warm up drills that work into possession activities and games.