U10 Practice Plans

Beating Players on the Dribble - U10 Practice Session

A U10 practice session that focuses on teaching players how to beat opposing players by dribbling.

1 vs 1 Duels - U10 Practice Session

A practice session with activities that focus on dribbling and battling 1 vs 1.

U10 Practice - Pressure and Cover Defending

A practice session that is focused on pressure and cover defending.

Passing - U10 Practice Session

Passing activities that focus on passing and moving to open space.

Attacking Space - U10 Practice Plan

A U10 Practice Session that focuses on attacking space with moves to go past a defender.

Wall Passes - U10 Practice Plan

Activities that teach wall pass concepts and when do use them.

Supporting Runs - U10 Practice Plan

A practice session that is focused on supporting runs and getting space away from defenders.

Individual Defending - U10 Practice Plan

Individual defending & pressuring the ball tips that work on angles, speed and length of steps.

Creating Space - U10 Practice Plan

Create space with movement off of the ball and moving the ball forward with a dribble, pass or shot.

Shooting - U10 Practice Plan

Shooting activities that give coaches the opportunity to discuss placement vs. power, speed and being creative.

U10 Practice Plan - Receiving and Opening Body to Field

Receiving passes, first touches, and playing away from the ball.

U10 Practice Plan - Introduction to Goalkeeping

Drills that give players an introduction to goalkeeping fundamentals.

U10 Practice Plan - Fun Competitive Drills / Games

The focus is on competitive drills and games that players will enjoy.

U10 Practice Plan - Creativity

Ball control warm up drills. Series of passing drills and a fun game that promotes creativity.