U10 Practice Plan - Receiving and Opening Body to Field

Practice Date: Thursday, May 24th, 2018

This is a U10 soccer practice plan that focuses on receiving passes, the first touch, and playing away from the ball. It is a 1 hour session and the outline of drills is the following:

  • 20 x 10 2 vs. 2 Scrimmage (10 minutes)
  • Color Gates in Pairs (10 minutes)
  • Goals, Goals, Goals (10 minutes)
  • 4 Goal Game with Goalkeepers (15 minutes)
  • 35 x 25 5 vs. 5 Scrimmage (15 minutes)

End of Practice Discussion

  • When we receive a pass, where should we try and take our first touch (towards the direction we want to go next).
  • How can you see space better? (by looking over your shoulder before receiving ball, and opening body to field).
  • How can your teammates off the ball help you out when you have the ball? (by getting wide on the field and being loud!)

20 x 10 2 vs. 2 - Small Sided Soccer Game

20 x 10 2 vs. 2 - Small Sided Soccer Game for U8


  • Make two fields at 20x10 yards. Place 2 yd goals on each endline
  • Players play 2v2 on field
  • If goal go out at sideline, throw-in or kick-in to get ball back in play (coach choice)
  • After goal is scored, play is restarted with a goalkick

Coaching Points

  • None. Let the players play and make mistakes. Only intervene if it is taking too long to get ball back in play.

Colored Gates in Pairs

Colored Gates in Pairs - U10 Soccer Dribbling Drill


  • Put your players in pairs with one ball per group.
  • Create a series of gates (two cones, 1yd apart) for the players to pass through
  • Make half the ‘gates’ a different color of cone (example: 3 red gates, and 3 blue gates).
  • If you don’t have different color cones, make half the gates out of pennies.
  • Players have to pass through the gates to their partner on the other side. Once a gate has been passed through, the pair has to pass through a different gate for another point.
  • Play for 45 seconds. Ask players their score and repeat the game challenging each pair to beat their own score.


  • Groups have to alternate color of goal they go to, or can only go to one color etc. Be creative!

Coaching Points

  • Players need to try and take their first touch with the ball when receiving in the direction they want to go next.
  • Encourage players to open their body to the field so they can see more of it!

Goals Goals Goals

Goals Goals Goals - Dribbling and Passing Soccer Game for U10


  • Spread a series of “goals” around the grid, which are two cones 2yds apart. Can use gates from game before.
  • Split your group into two teams.
  • Teams try to score as many goals as they can by passing or dribbling through a goal. Once a goal is scored, they go to another one. Teams can score on any goal.
  • If the other team wins the ball, they start attacking goals. If ball goes out of bounds, is a kick in to the other team. Keep score.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage players to open their body when receiving the ball so they can see more of the field.
  • Players need to try and look over their shoulder before receiving a ball to they know what is behind them
  • Ask players to take their first touch towards to next goal they want to go to. Don’t stop the ball, but use its momentum when receiving to redirect.
  • Can teammates spread out to help person with the ball find space?

4 Goal Game with Goalkeepers

4 Goal Game with Goalkeepers - Soccer Small Sided Game


  • Make field and place two 4 yard goals at each corner. Each goal will have a goalkeeper.
  • Play 5v5, with two goalkeepers from each team in the goals. 3v3 on field.
  • Each goal counts as 1pt.
  • Normal soccer rules, except no corners. Use goalkicks instead of corners.
  • Can use the goalkeepers on own team to play backwards and help keep possession.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage players to be aware of their surroundings. If one goal is crowded with defenders, can they look to go towards the other goal?
  • Take a look over your shoulder before receiving
  • Open body to field
  • Encourage players off the ball to get wide on field to offer better passing options.
  • Communication!

35 x 25 5 vs. 5 Scrimmage

Soccer Scrimmage - 35 x 25 yard field 5 on 5 with goalies


  • Play 5v5. If your numbers are short, decrease size of field to 30x20 and play 4v4.
  • Cones for goals are 5yds wide and use goalkeepers.


None! Just sit back and let them play. Help remind them of the rules for their age group: offside, thrown-ins, goalkicks and corners. Place a few cones down to divide the field into thirds to mark the ‘Build-out Line,’ and show them what they need to do when the GK has the ball.