Practice Notes

This is a U10 soccer practice plan that focuses on receiving passes, the first touch, and playing away from the ball. It is a 1 hour session and the outline of drills is the following:

  • 20 x 10 2 vs. 2 Scrimmage (10 minutes)
  • Color Gates in Pairs (10 minutes)
  • Goals, Goals, Goals (10 minutes)
  • 4 Goal Game with Goalkeepers (15 minutes)
  • 35 x 25 5 vs. 5 Scrimmage (15 minutes)

End of Practice Discussion

  • When we receive a pass, where should we try and take our first touch (towards the direction we want to go next).
  • How can you see space better? (by looking over your shoulder before receiving ball, and opening body to field).
  • How can your teammates off the ball help you out when you have the ball? (by getting wide on the field and being loud!)


20 x 10 2v2 - Small Sided Soccer Game

Colored Gates in Pairs

Goals Goals Goals

4 Goal Game with Goalkeepers

35 x 25 5v5 Scrimmage


No tactics have been added to this practice yet.