U6 Practice Plans

Dribbling Games - U6 Practice Plan

A fun practice session that works on teaching dribbling fundamentals with games.

Dribbling and Ball Familiarity - U6 Practice Plan

Dribbling activities that help players become familiar with the ball.

U6 Practice Plan - Ball Familiarity

Big touches vs little touches and using peripheral vision.

U6 Practice Plan - Deception

Using different body parts for deceiving opponents.

U6 Practice Plan - Turning

Using different surfaces of the foot to turn with the ball.

U6 Practice - Big Touches vs Little Touches

Getting familiar with when to use big touches and when to use small touches.

U6 Practice Plan - Races and Games with Ball Touches

All fun and games with each activity involving ball touches.

U6 Practice Session - 5 Fun Games

5 games for athletic movements, fun, and basic skills.

U6 Practice Session - Dribbling

An emphasis on dribbling and ball control.