Practice Notes

This soccer practice session is most appropriate for the U6 and under age levels. As a coach you can use these drills to teach players about how to use body parts to deceive their opponents. The outine for the practice is as follows:

  • 20 x 10 2 vs. 2 Small Sided Game (10 minutes)
  • Hospital Tag (15 minutes)
  • Crocs in the River (15 minutes)
  • 31 x 20 4 vs. 4 scrimmage (15 minutes)

End of Practice Discussion

  • What are some body parts that we can use to deceive an opponent with? (eyes, legs, shoulders, hips).
  • Why would it be important to deceive an opponent? (to make them think you are going one way, when you actually want to go the other).
  • Why would this be important? (because getting the opponent off-balance makes them easier to get by!)

Have a team cheer, and see everyone on game day!


20 x 10 2v2 - Small Sided Soccer Game

Hospital Tag - U6 Soccer Activity

Crocs in the River - U6 Soccer Activity

31 x 20 4v4 Scrimmage


No tactics have been added to this practice yet.