U6 Practice Session - 5 Fun Games

Practice Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

This practice session is geared for younger age levels like U6 or U8. It is a 70 minute practice plan that consists of 5 fun games that the players will love. The goal for this practice session is to let the players have fun while having them work on athletic movements and basic kicking motions just throught the basic nature of the games. The outline for the practice is the following:

  1. Back and Forth Race (15 minutes)
  2. Dodgeball (15 minutes)
  3. Cross-Fire without Balls (10 minutes)
  4. Cross-Fire with Balls (10 minutes)
  5. Who can get the ball first (10 minutes)

Back and Forth Race

Back and Forth Race - Fun Soccer Game for Kids

For this soccer drill players will be able to work on speed shooting and some conditioning. There will be two sides with four players on each side. Coaches can put as many soccer balls as they would like on each side, this animation shows 15. Players will race to the balls, shoot them to the other side and run back to their original position. They will go back and forth between their position and balls until all the soccer balls are on the other side. Coaches can change up the game and make it so there is a time limit and at when time is up whoever has more balls on their side is the loser.


Soccer Dodgeball

There will be a circle made of cones with players inside and players outside. Players on the outside will pass the ball to each other trying to hit the players in the middle (lightly). They will continue passing the ball until a player on the inside is hit. Once a player is hit they move to the outside and being passing the ball, as the player that hit them will go in the inside. Make sure players know to be careful when passing the ball, you don’t want them to injure their teammates!

Cross Fire Without Balls

Cross Fire Without Balls - Fun Soccer Drill for Kids

This is a fun soccer drill kids will love! This video shows the drill being run with 9 kids but you can modify to fit the number of players on your team. There will be three groups of players. One group will be the players running through the middle trying not to get hit by soccer balls that are being passed into the middle by the players on the sides. At young ages the players shouldn't be able to pass the ball hard enough to hurt anyone, however, you can always instruct players to use the instep and keep the ball on the ground. Once a player is hit by a ball then they sit out until the next round. Once all the players in a group have been hit then the groups rotate so a new group will run through the middle and the group that just finished will line up along the side with soccer balls and try to hit the players running throught the middle.

Cross Fire With Balls

Cross Fire With Balls - Soccer Drill for Kids

This is a variation of the Cross Fire Without Balls soccer drill. The only difference is that the players runing through the middle will dribble soccer balls. As they run through the middle they do not want to get hit or let their ball get hit by the soccer balls being passed into the middle. The rules are the same so if a player is hit or their ball gets hit then they have to sit out until their group has all been hit. Then the groups will rotate.

Who can get the ball first

Who can get the ball first 1 vs.1 soccer drill

For this soccer drill speed and dribbling is the focus. The coach will stand off to the side and pass the ball to the middle of all the cones set up. Two players from opposite sides will race and try to get the ball first. Once the ball is retrieved the players without the ball will play defense and try to get the ball from the other player before they are able to reach the designated goals. Players who are faster might be able to get away without having to defend the ball!