U6 Practice Plan - Races and Games with Ball Touches

Practice Date: Thursday, March 29th, 2018

This is a 60 minute soccer practice plan built for young soccer players and most likely the most appropriate age level would be U6. This practice plan includes a fun warm up followed by drills, games, and relay races that include touches of the soccer balls. The outline for the practice is:

  1. Catch a Rabbit - 10 minutes
  2. Clean the Room - 10 minutes
  3. Fill the bucket / Empty the Bucket - 15 minutes
  4. Back and Forth Race - 15 minutes
  5. Brittish Bulldog with Balls - 10 minutes

Catch a Rabbit

Catch a Rabbit - Agility soccer drill for young kids

Catch a rabbit is a fun game that will also force players to work on reacting, agility, and a quick first step. This drill requires an even amount of players. Try to pair up players based on speed so that they challenge each other. Set up a series of discs as shown in the diagram. The two lines of cones down the middle should be about 2 yards apart. Players will line up across from each other on their respective lines in the middle. One side can be designated by color or simply a number. The coach will call out the color (or number) and player associated with that number (or color) will try to run to the line of cones on their side before getting touched by the player they are matched up against. You can assign points for player touching their partner before they reach the cones. Once they reach the cones then quickly count down to the next repetition forcing the players to jog back to the starting position.

Clean the Room

Clear the Room

The objective of this drill is for the players to clean their side of the field (the room) of all the soccer balls.  Create a field using nine cones or discs so there are two equal halves.  The coach will scatter all the soccer ball around the players half of the field.  Place two coaches or opponents in the other half of the field.  On the whistle players race to the soccer balls and kick them so they end up on the other half of the field.  The two coaches will will try to intercept the ball and play it back into the player's half of the field.  Once the players have all of the balls on the other half of the field at one time then the drill is over.

Empty the Bucket

Empty the Bucket - Soccer Relay Race for Kids

This is a great drill to follow up with after the "Fill the Bucket" drill becuase no additional setup is required. Players are divided up into teams of three players and each team will need 6 soccer balls. Now that all the soccer balls are in the bucket you can run the same race but the objective of this race is to empty the bucket instead of fill the bucket. The players will run into the bucket to retrieve a ball and bring it to the end line. Once they tag a teammate then they will also run to the bucket, retrieve a ball, and dribble it to the end line. The first team to empty the bucket and get all of the soccer balls back to the end line wins the race.

Fill the Bucket

Fill the Bucket - Soccer Relay Race for Young Players

This is a fun soccer relay race that young players will enjoy. This game is great for U6, U8, and even U10 age level players. Your players will love it and they also are forced to use ball control skills in order to succeed in this game. To set up the relay race you will need to divide you team into teams of three players each. Each team will need 6 balls, three balls are placed at each end of their playing area as shown in the diagram. The goal of the game is to get all six balls into the bucket area (defined by the four discs). The players will dribble the ball into the bucket and use the bottom of their foot to stop the ball and then run to the other side. Once they tag the player on the other side then that player will dribble the ball into the bucket, use the sole of their foot to stop the ball, and continue to the other side to tag the next player. The first team to get all six balls into the bucket wins the race. 

After the race then you can leave the balls in the bucket and proceed to the "Empty the Bucket" race.

Back and Forth Race

Back and Forth Race - Fun Soccer Game for Kids

For this soccer drill players will be able to work on speed shooting and some conditioning. There will be two sides with four players on each side. Coaches can put as many soccer balls as they would like on each side, this animation shows 15. Players will race to the balls, shoot them to the other side and run back to their original position. They will go back and forth between their position and balls until all the soccer balls are on the other side. Coaches can change up the game and make it so there is a time limit and at when time is up whoever has more balls on their side is the loser.

British Bulldog

British Bulldog - Dribbling soccer drill / game for youth soccer players

This is a legendary game in soccer known as "British Bulldog". It is a simple game in which the players with the soccer balls try to dribble through the "danger zone" without having their ball kicked away or stolen by the "bulldogs". This game is great to incorporate into practice sessions that focus on dribbling drills and ball skills. It allows the players to work on ball control and having to control the ball under pressure and at different speeds. It also requires players to have an awaerness as to where the "bulldogs" are and maintain ball control with their head up.


  1. Start without any soccer balls and simply make it a game of tag.
  2. Next add soccer balls and make the "bulldogs" crawl using bear crawls to move throughout the "danger zone".
  3. Then have the "bulldogs" play on two feet and be as aggressive as they can within the "danger zone".