U6 Practice Session - Dribbling

Practice Date: Monday, February 12th, 2018

The emphasis of this U6 practice session is ball control. The practice starts with a fun warm up game and ends with a fun warm up game that will allow the players to use their dribbling skills in a fun way. The outline for the practice is as follows:

  1. Musical Soccer Balls - 10 minutes
  2. Toe Taps Inside the Box - 10 minutes
  3. Changing Direction - 10 minutes
  4. Watch Out for Your Partner - 10 minutes
  5. Disc Dribbling - 10 minutes
  6. Brittish Bulldog - 10 minutes

Musical Soccer Balls

Musical Soccer Balls - A fun soccer drill for young kids

It is important to add some fun soccer drills into your routine, especially drills for the younger kids. Here is a soccer drill that keeps things fun but also works on reaction, agility, quickness, and speed. This animation uses 6 players but you can use anywhere from 3 or more. Place the soccer balls in the middle of the circle and make sure you have one less soccer ball than you have players. The players start on the outside of the circle and they are not allowed to go into the circle until the whistle blows. On the whistle, the players can sprint to the soccer balls. Because there is one less soccer ball, one player will be left without a ball. The player without the ball is then removed from the game. Every round you will need to remove one soccer ball.

My Drill Notes: 

This is intended to be a fun warm up to get the young players excited and energetic for practice.

Toe Taps in Box

Toe Taps in Box

In this soccer drill their are four lines, typically with two players each, and each player is required to have a ball.  On the whistle the first player from each line will dribble the ball into the box, tap the top of the ball with their feet ten times, and then dribble back to their cone. Once they get back to their line the other player dribbles their ball into the box, does ten toe taps, and dribbles back to the cone.  The drill is continuous so keep the players moving until the second whistle.  Players should always maintain good ball control and work on quick toe taps as they it becomes easier.

Changing Direction

Changing Direction

This drill focuses on dribbling in tight spaces and quickly changing directions.  Setup 4 cones about 15 yards apart.  Each player will dribble around the space avoiding the other players.  Every 8-10 seconds the coach needs to blow his/her whistle and the players will change direction and accelerate for 2 touches.  Players need to keep their heads up and maintain control of the ball and avoid other players. 

***The video is shown with 1 player for clarity. 

My Drill Notes: 

This drill is used to get the players the feel of using the sole of their foot to do pull-backs every time the whistle blows.

Watch out for your Partner

watch out for your partner - soccer dribbling drill for kids

This is a simple dribbling soccer drill. You need at least 4 players, 4 soccer balls, and 2 cones. Players will stand opposite of each other with cones in the middle. They will each have a ball. Once the whistle blows players will dribble up to the cone and decide which way around the cone they want to go. This is important for quick decision making as they can not go the same way as the person opposite of them or they will bump into each other. Make sure players are dribbling with their heads up and staying alert!

My Drill Notes: 

In this drill you can teach the players how to use the instep of their foot to dribble the ball around the cone. They have to be aware and react to their partner so they do not go to the same side of the cone. You can also have them use the outside of their foot depending on their skill level.

Disc Dribbling

Disc Dribbling Soccer Drill

This is a soccer dribbling drill that players can do by themselves.  This drill focuses on ball control and only one player, one ball, and some discs are needed.  To set up spread the discs out in a random way in close proximity to each other.  In repetitions lasting 30 seconds, have the player dribble the ball in and out of the discs.  Try to not touch any of the discs.  Make sure to stay in control the entire time and switch directions often.  

My Drill Notes: 

Now the players are encouraged to use pull-backs and the dribbling skills from the previous drill to navigate through the discs and obstacles you set out.

British Bulldog

British Bulldog - Dribbling soccer drill / game for youth soccer players

This is a legendary game in soccer known as "British Bulldog". It is a simple game in which the players with the soccer balls try to dribble through the "danger zone" without having their ball kicked away or stolen by the "bulldogs". This game is great to incorporate into practice sessions that focus on dribbling drills and ball skills. It allows the players to work on ball control and having to control the ball under pressure and at different speeds. It also requires players to have an awaerness as to where the "bulldogs" are and maintain ball control with their head up.


  1. Start without any soccer balls and simply make it a game of tag.
  2. Next add soccer balls and make the "bulldogs" crawl using bear crawls to move throughout the "danger zone".
  3. Then have the "bulldogs" play on two feet and be as aggressive as they can within the "danger zone".