U12 Practice Plans


Continue concepts from passing and receiving #1.


Drills and games that work on passing, receiving, communication and awareness.


Quick and effective transitions is the emphasis with games of 2 vs 2, 5 vs 3, 5 vs 5, and 6 vs 6.


Games and activities that focus on communication and ball possession.

Finishing #2

A fun practice session where players will get many chances to work on finishing.

Finishing, #1

All games in this practice session work on finishing and include games that give players many finishing opportunities.

Dribbling and 1v1

1 vs 1 activities for both attackers and defenders leading into stimulating games of multiple 1 vs 1, 5 vs 3, and 9 vs 9.

Crossing and Finishing

Includes a great selection of drills and games that work on accurate crosses and finishing crosses.

Turning and Shielding

Drills that work on ball turning and shielding and working up to an 8 vs 8 & 9 vs 9 game.

Switching Fields

A couple dribbling activities that focus on turning leading into fun games of 8 vs 8 and 9 vs 9 that emphasize switching fields.

First Touch

Begin with 1 v 1 activities that emphasize first touch and ends with more advanced games including 9 v 9

Shot Blocking

The drills and games in this practice plan give players a chance to work on blocking shots.

Defending 1v1, #2

A session that builds off of the Defending 1 vs 1 #1 practice plan.

Defending 1v1, #1

Drills and games to work on defending in 1 vs 1 situations

The Second Defender

Small sided games and drills where the 1st defender pressures and 2nd defender closes down passing lanes.

Pressure and Cover

Drills and games with an emphasis on pressuring and covering.

Group Defending

A session that has 5 activities that practice defending as a group.

The Overlap

This practice includes overlap shuttle, overlaps to goal, 5 v 5 v 5, 3 v 2 to 2 v 2 to 2 v 3.

Attacking 1v1, #4

Drills and activities where player face many 1 vs 1 situations.

Attacking 1v1, #3

More 1 vs 1 drills, activities, and games with an increase in competitions.

Attacking 1v1, #2

Starts with a few fun 1 v 1 activities and escalates to 2 v 2 and 9 v 9

Movement of Two Forwards in Attack - U12 Practice Plan

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A practice session that focuses on movement and timing of forwards in an attack.

Goalkeeping – Dealing with the Breakaway

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Goalkeeping session with activities to practice closing space, setting your feet and body posture.

Transition - U12 Practice Plan

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Transition concepts that include pressure, movement off the ball and anticipation.

Shooting - U12 Practice Plan

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Practice session that is focused on quick shooting, mobility and placement vs. power.

Transition and Combination Play - U12 Practice Plan

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Transition activities that focus on getting pressure on the ball and getting wide and high to attack.

U12 Practice Plan - 2 vs 1's and 2 vs 2's

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How and when to get defenders to commit before passing.

Deception - U12 Practice Plan

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Dribbling techniques and how to beat opponents with deception.

U12 Practice Plan - Focus on Shooting

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Great chance for players to work on different types of shots.

U12 Soccer Practice Plan - Ball Control and Passing

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1 Hour Session, 3 ball control drills, 2 possession drills, and end with a possession game.