U12 Practice Plans

Movement of Two Forwards in Attack - U12 Practice Plan

A practice session that focuses on movement and timing of forwards in an attack.

Goalkeeping – Dealing with the Breakaway

Goalkeeping session with activities to practice closing space, setting your feet and body posture.

Transition - U12 Practice Plan

Transition concepts that include pressure, movement off the ball and anticipation.

Shooting - U12 Practice Plan

Practice session that is focused on quick shooting, mobility and placement vs. power.

Transition and Combination Play - U12 Practice Plan

Transition activities that focus on getting pressure on the ball and getting wide and high to attack.

U12 Practice Plan - 2 vs 1's and 2 vs 2's

How and when to get defenders to commit before passing.

Deception - U12 Practice Plan

Dribbling techniques and how to beat opponents with deception.

U12 Practice Plan - Focus on Shooting

Great chance for players to work on different types of shots.

U12 Soccer Practice Plan - Ball Control and Passing

1 Hour Session, 3 ball control drills, 2 possession drills, and end with a possession game.