U12 Practice Plan - Focus on Shooting

Practice Date: Thursday, March 15th, 2018

This is a 90 minute socer practice plan that gives coaches a chance to really work on the fundamentals of shooting with their players. The drills start basic and get a little more complex so that players are receiving and shooting from different situations. The practice plan finishes up with a fun shootout relay race. The outline for the practice is as follows:

  1. Shooting for Accuracy - (15 minutes)
  2. Shooting Box - (15 minutes)
  3. Rapid Fire Receive - (15 minutes)
  4. Leave a Shot - (15 minutes)
  5. Feeder in the Middle - (15 minutes)
  6. One Pass Shootout - (15 minutes)

Shooting for Accuracy

Shooting for Accuracy

This is a fairly simple shooting drill that allows coaches to work on shooting fundamentals.  There are a couple of progressions that can be incorporated as well including adding a defender and adding an extra touch.  The drill starts with the player along the goal line passing the ball into space so the player outside the box can run into the pass.  The player that receives the pass will make a good first touch around the cone and then shoot for a side of the net.  You can place cones, flags, or discs to mark the areas of the net you want players to shoot at.  As players get better you can start to shrink the targets and encourgae more accurate shooting.

My Drill Notes: 

Use this drill as a warm up and to re-inforce shooting fundamentals that you want to teach.

Shooting Box

Shooting Box - Soccer Shooting Drill

This Soccer Drill focuses on shooting the ball quickly off of a pass.  One player is in the box created by the four cones and three other players are about 10 - 15 yards away, each with soccer balls.  P2 passes the ball to P1 and P1 has to receive the ball, turn and shoot while staying in the box.  Player should try to get the shot off with only two touches.  P1 receives a pass from all three players outside the box and then switches with another player.  Players inside the box should try to turn both ways and work on shooting with both feet.

Rapid Fire Receive

Rapid Fire Receive - Shooting and Goalkeeping Drill

Get ready for lots of shooting! In this shooting drill, P2 starts with the ball and passes to P1. P1 quickly receives the pass and shoots. The goalie then passes back to P1 with the same ball (or a new ball from in the net if P1 scores). P1 receives the pass and makes a quick pass to P2. P2 then quickly shoots on the other net. The goalie then makes a pass back to P2 and the process repeats until the whistle blows.

Leave a Shot

Leave a Shot Soccer Shooting Drill

This is a fast paced warm up shooting drill.  The first player from each line will start the drill with a ball and dribble towards the cone in front of them.  Just before the cone they will leave the ball and run around the other side to where the opposite player left their ball.  Players should work on striking the ball on net with one touch.  Coaches can have the players working on striking the ball different ways, for example laces only or with the instep.  Once the players strike the ball then the next players in line should go.  This makes it a fast paced drill and a great workout for the goalies.

Feeder in the Middle

Feeder in the Middle

To set up this soccer drill place four cones or discs in a 15 yard square in between two nets that are about 45 yards apart (they should be closer for younger players).  Two coaches should be at the center line about 10 yards outside the box with a bunch of balls.  P1 starts in the middle of the box without a ball.  P2, P3, P4, and P5 are each at a corner of the square with a ball.  To start, P1 runs to one side and yells out a name. The player's name that  is called passes the ball to the middle and then receives it right back from P1 for a quick shot on net.  P1 then turns and runs to the other side and calls out another name.  That player then passes the ball to P1 and receives it back for a quick shot.  P1 repeats this process 4 times before switching out with one of the other players.  After players take a shot they will receive a pass from the coach on their side of the field so they are ready to make a pass to the middle player if their name is called. 

One Pass Shootout

One Pass Shootout Soccer Drill

Here is a soccer drill that is competitive, fun, and a great workout for goalies. Divide players up into 2 teams and move the nets to where they are about 40 yards apart. Each team forms a line on one side of the net, make sure each line has plenty of soccer balls. The first player for each team starts at the mid-field near the cones or discs and receives a pass from the next player on their team. In as few touches as possible the player turns and shoots. After the shot they sprint back to the end of the line. The next player cannot go until the shooter has crossed the goal line. The next player then runs to the mid-field line and checks back towards their teammates to receive a pass. It is fun to set up a given amount of time to see which team can score the most goals.