Practice Notes

A U12 & U14+ Practice Session for Goalkeeping focuses on the breakaway. The session gives goalkeepers activities to practice closing space, setting your feet and body posture. The session outline is:

  • Goalkeeping Technical Work
  • Close The Space
  • Stalker
  • Breakaway Save
  • Breakaway Scrimmage 8 vs. 8

End of practice questions:

  1. Why is it important to close space between you and the attacker quickly? (So the attacker can’t see as much of the goal).
  2. Why do you want to set your feet if the attacker looks like they are going to shoot (so you are more agile, and can dive laterally as needed).
  3. When ‘setting,’ how should the goalkeepers posture be? (hands out, body weight forward, weight on the balls of feet).
  4. When should the goalkeeper try a breakaway dive? (When the attacker takes a bad touch, or tries to dribble around the goalkeeper).


Goalkeeping Technical Work

Goalkeeping Technical Work

Close The Space

Close the Space Goalkeeping Drill


Stalker Goalkeeping Activity

Breakaway Save

Breakaway Save Goalkeeping Soccer Activity

Breakaway Scrimmage 8 v 8

Breakaway Scrimmage  8 vs. 8 Soccer Activity


No tactics have been added to this practice yet.