Practice Date: Saturday, February 17th, 2018

This 70 minute soccer practice session works on basic passing fundamentals. The first couple of drills require a bit of thinking and awareness. There are also drills for the players to focus on the fundamentals of passing. The practice ends with a couple of games that emphasize passing and possession. The outline of the practice is:

  • Star passing drill - 10 minutes
  • Circle speed passing - 10 minutes
  • Passing accuracy - 10 minutes
  • Fast passing - 10 minutes
  • Pickle in the middle - 15 minutes
  • 1 on 1 with bumpers - 15 minutes

Star Passing Drill

Star Passing Soccer Drill

Another great drill to add to your collection of passing drills. To set up this soccer passing drill you need a minimum of 6 players and 1 ball.  Arrange the players into five lines, the start of each line should be the point of a star if you were to draw one on the field.  P1 starts with the ball and makes a pass two lines to the left and then follows their pass.  Each player does the same thing, passing two lines to the left and then following their pass.  After a few minutes switch directions and have players pass two lines to the right.

**To make it more difficult add another ball

Circle Speed Passing

Circle Speed Passing

This soccer drill focuses on passing and clearing space.  Setup a square with 2-3 players at each corner.   After each pass sprint to the next  line  and prepare for a quick pass.  Run the drill for 3-5 minutes.  Try reversing the direction after each break. For advanced teams you can have the players reverse direction on every whistle.

Passing Accuracy

Passing Accuracy

It is important at a young age for players to develop an understanding for how important it is to pass the ball with accuracy. Coaches should have a good collection of passing drills that emphasize this skill.

This soccer passing drill requires 8 cones or discs, two players, and one soccer ball.  The objective is to work on accuracy when passing the ball straight ahead and when running parallel using the instep.  Set up the cones or discs as shown in the diagram and animation.  The players should be a 10 - 20 yards apart depending on their skill level.  Have the players  pass the ball to each other through a pair of cones of their choice.  When passing through the middle cones they should be facing the player they are passing to.  When passing between a set of cones on the outside they should be facing the direction of their run and use the instep to pass the ball.  More experienced players should try to bend the ball around the inside cone.  

Fast Passing

Fast Passing Soccer Drill with Three Players

There will be 9 players in between the cones like the set up in the animation for this soccer drill. Two lines of players will have a soccer ball. The players in the middle will pass their soccer ball to the players without a ball. Then the players who started with soccer balls will pass to the middle players. They will pass the ball back. The players will continue to repeat these passing motions and make sure they are making fast, accurate passes.

Pickle in the Middle

Pickle in the Middle - Soccer passing game

This soccer drill is a spin off of the childhood game pickle in the middle. It is pretty similar to the actually game, but instead of throwing the ball to one another, players are passing the ball by foot. There will be three players, one will be in the middle, this will be the pickle. Players who are trying to keep the ball from the pickle are able to move around, only on the diameter of the middle circle on the field. The player in the middle should try to intercept the ball. Once they have intercepted the ball, the player who they stole it from should become the pickle. Let players play for as long as you would like. This would be best as a station during practice.

1 on 1 with Bumpers

1 on 1 with Bumpers

This starts as  a 1 on 1 soccer drill with an option to use a bumper to make it a 2 on 1. F1 starts with the ball and is trying to score against the defensive pressure of D1. F1 has the advantage of using P1 & P2 to their advantage.  If F1 thinks they can beat the D then they can, however, they should be encourage to use a bumper for a give and go.  Make sure after the player passes the ball to a bumper they are calling for it back.  The bumpers should play the ball to space so the player can run into the ball and shoot right off the pass.  If the pass is too far out in front then the goalie needs to come out to play it.  After 3 repetitions have the players switch so that they all have a chance to play as the defender.