Quick Pass & Follow

Quick Pass & Follow

This soccer drill requires quick sharp passes.  The drill is simple enough that it can be used for age levels as young as the U10 level. The Player 1 starts by passing to Player 2.  Player 2 one touches the ball to player 3 and so on until the ball gets to Player 7 who dribbles a couple of yards towards the center of the field and rips a shot on net.  Each player follows their pass in a sprint because the next pass is coming right behind them.  The next player in line starts when the player in front of them is ready to receive the pass.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


Ben Davis on 2/25/2019
Pass and move
bgreenhaw on 10/25/2018

combo drill

kensneed on 9/16/2018

nice rotation

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