Practice Notes

In this practice session designed for players in the U14 age level the focus is on how and when to play the ball wide as opposed to using the middle of the field. The outline for this practice is the following:

  1. 31 x 20 yard 4 vs. 4 scrimmage (10 minutes)
  2. 4 vs. 4 to to six goals (15 minutes)
  3. Curved Zones (15 miunutes)
  4. 7 vs. 7 scrimmage (15 minutes)

End of practice questions

  • Why should we look centrally before playing out wide? (because the only reason to play wide is because the space doesn’t exist in the center. We want to get the ball as close the goal as we can!).
  • Why should we immediately get wide when our team wins the ball?? (width gives up the option to play wide, and makes the defenders spread out for us…allowing us to play centrally).
  • Why is a cross on the ground preferred over a cross in the air? (depends on the situation, but scoring from the ground is easier than scoring from the air).


31 x 20 4v4 Scrimmage

4v4 to 6 Goals

Curved Zones

7v7 Scrimmage


No tactics have been added to this practice yet.