U14 Soccer Practice Plan - Passing & Possession

Practice Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Warm Up Passing Drills

5 min. - Star Passing Drill
5 min. - One Touch Follow Passing

Passing / Possession Drills

15 min. - Two Touch Under Pressure
15 min. - 4 vs. 4 Intercept


20 min. - Find the Medic

Star Passing Drill

Star Passing Soccer Drill

Another great drill to add to your collection of passing drills. To set up this soccer passing drill you need a minimum of 6 players and 1 ball.  Arrange the players into five lines, the start of each line should be the point of a star if you were to draw one on the field.  P1 starts with the ball and makes a pass two lines to the left and then follows their pass.  Each player does the same thing, passing two lines to the left and then following their pass.  After a few minutes switch directions and have players pass two lines to the right.

**To make it more difficult add another ball

One Touch Follow Passing

One Touch Follow Passing

The more players work on this soccer passing drill the more they will develop a feel and timing that will allow them to do this drill well. This drill is best when using 8 players. Set up a square about 25 yards wide and place two players at each corner. One player starts with the ball. One of the players (not the player diagonal player) makes a run to the middle of the square and receives a pass from the player with the ball. Upon receiving the pass, the player makes a touch pass to the player in front of them. The player that made the first pass then makes their run to the middle of the square to receive a pass from the player who now has the ball.

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Two Touch Under Pressure

Two Touch Under Pressure Soccer Drill Diagram

The Two Touch Under Pressure passing drill focuses on receiving the ball on one foot and making a pass with the other foot while facing token pressure.  Players will form four lines as shown with three players starting in the middle box that is marked with cones.  Start the drill with a middle player attacking the first player in line with the ball.  The player will pass the ball to the line on their left.  Once the ball is passed the next player in the middle will attack the player that is going to receive the ball.  The player that makes the pass then runs into the middle and when it is their turn they will attack a receiving player.  When players receive the ball they should make sure ther first touch is with the foot closest to the player making the pass.  With one touch they touch the ball to their other side and make a pass to the next line off their second touch.

4 v 4 Intercept

4 v 4 Intercept

4 v 4 Intercept is a soccer drill focusing on possession and passing. Setup a small pitch split into 2 10 x 15 zones. Separate teams of 4 into each zone. Give each player on the team a number between 1-4. Teams pass the ball while moving around their zone. The coach calls out a number and that players must run into the opposing teams zone and attempts to knock the ball out of play or win the ball and pass back to their teams zone. If the defensive player kicks the ball out of the playing area the team scores 1 point. If the defensive player dribbles or passes the ball back into their own team's zone they are awarded 2 points. If the offensive team maintains possession throughout the intercept period they are awarded 3 points. After 20 seconds the coach calls out hold and the players must return to their zone.

Find the Medic

Find the Medic - soccer possession drill

This game encourages possession, creativity, and problem solving.  Divide players into two teams of at least five players each.  Mark out a rectangular field about 40 yards long and 20 yards wide.  On the ends place a cone or disc in the middle to divide the end line in half.  Each team will have a "medic" on each end line but they are regulated to their own half on the end line.  The rest of the players are split up in the field of play.  The object of the game is to complete as many passes to your "medic" as possible.  The coach will start the game by placing a ball in the field of play.  The team that gains possession will try to maintain possession until they can make a clean pass to one of their "medics".  If they succeed they will earn one point.  The "medic" will then try to complete a pass back into the field of play.  If the team does not lose possession then they must complete a pass to the "medic" at the other end line.  If they lose possession and then gain it back then they are free to use either one of their "medics".  Be sure to rotate "medics" so that all players have a chance to be a "medic".