U8 Practice Session - Finishing and Shooting

Practice Date: Sunday, July 8th, 2018

This practice plan focuses on shooting fundamentals. It offers an opportunity to discuss how and when to shoot, power vs placement, and what part of the foot to use. The drills include:

  • 20 x 10 2 vs 2 Scrimmage (10 minutes)
  • Goal to Goal (15 minutes)
  • 1 vs 1 Turn and Shoot (15 minutes)
  • 4 vs 4 Scrimmage (15 minutes)

End of Practice Discussion

  • How is the shape of our foot different if using the inside of our foot to pass, vs. the instep (laces) to pass/shoot? (toe up, heel down for inside of foot, and toe down, heel up for instep). Show the players.
  • What does the coach mean when talking about placement vs. power? (we don’t always want to blast the ball into the net. Inside of the foot is more accurate, and sometimes we just need to pass the ball into the goal).
  • When should you look to shoot? (whenever you see an opportunity to! Always be looking to see if you can score).

20 x 10 2 vs. 2 - Small Sided Soccer Game

20 x 10 2 vs. 2 - Small Sided Soccer Game for U8


  • Make two fields at 20x10 yards. Place 2 yd goals on each endline
  • Players play 2v2 on field
  • If goal go out at sideline, throw-in or kick-in to get ball back in play (coach choice)
  • After goal is scored, play is restarted with a goalkick

Coaching Points

  • None. Let the players play and make mistakes. Only intervene if it is taking too long to get ball back in play.

Goal to Goal - Soccer Drill for Goalies

Goal to Goal - Soccer Drill for Goalies


  • Players are in pairs with one ball per group
  • Each player has a goal (3yds wide). The goals are 6yds apart. Make further away/closer depending on ability. Have extra balls close by
  • The object is to score a goal on the opponent, but you can only throw the ball underhand when it is between your own goal posts. Ball must be below shoulder height to count as a goal. Other player is the GK defending their “goal”.
  • If ball goes in, they get a point. Opponent then starts with ball on their line and tries to score on opponent.
  • Play for 1 minute. Ask who won and switch partners to play again.


  • Goalkeeper needs to collect ball off ground using a scoop. Try to shuffle to get body behind ball.
  • Show “ready position” for GK. Knees bent, on toes, chest forward. Hands need to be at hip height with palms facing towards body.
  • Encourage quick play, can you save and then catch the opposing GK off-guard by throwing quickly?

1 vs 1 Turn and Shoot

1 vs 1 Turn and Shoot Soccer Drill


To begin the drill, the Feeder rolls a ball out into the center of the field. A player from each team releases from the end line to try and win the 50-50 ball. From there, the attacker looks to turn and score on the small goal. The play is over when the ball goes out of play or the defender wins the ball.


Coaching Points:



31 x 20 4 vs. 4 Scrimmage

31 x 20 4 vs. 4 Scrimmage - Soccer small sided game


  • Remove the endzones in the previous game, and add two 3 yard goals on each end (field is now 31x20yds)
  • Let players play 4v4, coach decides how restarts happen, depending on local rules

Coaching Points:

  • None! Just let them play! However, get excited when you see a player try a try a dribbling move, or attempts to get a defender off balance.
  • Always highlight positives you see, but don’t stop play and don’t correct their decision making. This is their time to play how they want!