Practice Notes

This is a 60 minute soccer practice plan for U16 age level. The practice session consists of drills that focus on passing, receiving, moving without the ball, and communication. The outline for the practice is as follows:

  1. Short, Short, Long Ultimate Passing Drill - 7 minutes
  2. 3 vs 1 passing - 12 minutes
  3. Big Square, Small Square Passing Series - 20 minutes
  4. 7 vs. 3 Box Game - 20 minutes


Short Short Long the Ultimate Soccer Passing Drill

Coach's Notes: 

This is a good warm up drill. Just give some players time to get in a rythm and ge the feel of the ball.

3v1 Passing

Big Square Small Square Passing Series

7v3 Box Game


No tactics have been added to this practice yet.