Practice Date: Thursday, February 15th, 2018

This soccer practice session focuses on pure FUN! It is a 60 minute practice session and the outline is as follows:

  • All for one dribbling game - (15 minutes)
  • Give & Go Relays - (15 minutes)
  • Brittish Bulldog - (15 minutes)
  • Dodgeball - (15 minutes)

All For One - Warm Up Dribbling Game

All For One - Soccer Warm Up Dribbling Game

This is a great warm up soccer game to start off your practice session. Depending on the amount of players you have you may need to split up into two groups because this game is best with between 4 & 8 players. Mark off a square field that is about 15 yards by 15 yards with discs or cones. Each player will start with a soccer ball. On the whistle the players have to dribble within the discs and they try to keep their ball within the playing field while trying to knock out the other player's soccer balls. When a player loses their ball outside the field of play then they have to leave the field. The last player to keep possessionn of thir ball wins that round.

Give and Go Relays

Give and Go Relays

This is a u6 soccer drill that focuses on dribbling, passing , and sprinting.  Depending on the number of players you have, get the players into multiple lines across the goal line with 3 to 4 players in each line.  Place a cone about 1- to 15 yards in front of each line and give each line 1 ball.  On the whistle the first player in each line dribbles the ball out around the cone while maintaining possession of the ball.  Once they are around the cone they make a pass back to the next player in line.  They make a pass right back to the first player and the first player makes another pass right back to the next player in line.  There are 3 passes exchanged between the two players.  The next player in line has to wait for the first player to run past the goal line before they start.  If this is too tough for the skill level of your players then require the first player in line to only make 1 pass to the next player in line.

British Bulldog

British Bulldog - Dribbling soccer drill / game for youth soccer players

This is a legendary game in soccer known as "British Bulldog". It is a simple game in which the players with the soccer balls try to dribble through the "danger zone" without having their ball kicked away or stolen by the "bulldogs". This game is great to incorporate into practice sessions that focus on dribbling drills and ball skills. It allows the players to work on ball control and having to control the ball under pressure and at different speeds. It also requires players to have an awaerness as to where the "bulldogs" are and maintain ball control with their head up.


  1. Start without any soccer balls and simply make it a game of tag.
  2. Next add soccer balls and make the "bulldogs" crawl using bear crawls to move throughout the "danger zone".
  3. Then have the "bulldogs" play on two feet and be as aggressive as they can within the "danger zone".


Soccer Dodgeball

There will be a circle made of cones with players inside and players outside. Players on the outside will pass the ball to each other trying to hit the players in the middle (lightly). They will continue passing the ball until a player on the inside is hit. Once a player is hit they move to the outside and being passing the ball, as the player that hit them will go in the inside. Make sure players know to be careful when passing the ball, you don’t want them to injure their teammates!