Developing Positive Behaviours Through Play And Praise


When a player is sent to the scoreboard they will take part in a throw in challenge. A successful throw in will result in getting points on the scoreboard for their team. This gives players the opportunity to work on their throw in technique and receive feedback and coaching points from their coach at the scoreboard. As with all Scoreboard Soccer games, players who demonstrate the most positive behaviours (scanning, shooting, tackling for example) will increase their teams chances of winning the game. Small sided games with a scoreboard to encourage, highlight and reward positivity.

Coaching Points:

1. Use a run up when throwing rather than be stationary.

2. Use your full range of motion. Take the ball way back behind the head and follow thru.

3.  Try not to bend forward at the waist on the follow thru. It brings the back foot off the ground.


1.  Throw from a further distance.

2.  Make the scoring zones smaller.

Players Required: 


dicksond on 5/12/2022

Use this as an extra point feature for scrimages  (without goalies)