Five Line Five Pass

Set Up:

Two players start at each of the five cones, passing the ball around the circuit in a set pattern. Player 1 starts the drill with a pass up to either corner. From there, the next two passes will be played square, then diagonally across. The player receiving the first pass (Player 2 in the diagram) will run into the center to support the diagonal pass. He will receive the third pass and then make the last pass (to Player 5) to re-start the sequence. Players return to their cones after each sequence is complete. The direction of play should change with each sequence, meaning that the first pass should be played to a different corner with each re-start. Every two minutes, the players rotate clockwise to the next cone.

Players Required: 

supporting Fundamentals


FCD001 on 3/6/2021
Jameskasuk on 12/14/2018


kkrotzer on 8/8/2018

great drill

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