Five Line Five Pass

This is a good passing drill to work on timing, communication, accuracy, and awareness.  Set up the five lines as shown in the diagram and give the ball to the first player in line #1.  The player in line #1 will start the drill by passing to line #2.  The player in line #2 should check to the ball, receive the ball and make a pass to line #3 with two touches.  After they pass the ball they will run to the middle of the box yet be aware of the ball so they do not get too far ahead of the play.  The player in line #3 will make a pass all the way across the box to line #4 and the player in line #4 will make a pass to The player from line #2 as they run through the middle of the box.  Again the player in line #4 should have a good first touch and be able to pass the ball with the second touch.  The player from line #2 will receive the ball and then make a fifth pass back to the next player in line #1.  The rotation should be as follows: line #1 to line #4 to line #2 to line #1.

When the ball returns to the next player in line #1 then the drill will go to the other side.  Therefore player #1 will make the first pass to line #4 and the drill works in the opposite direction.  This requires players to pay attention even when it is not their turn so they understant which side the first pass has been played to and know the rotation.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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great drill

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