Double Pass, Turn


To begin the drill, Players A and B perform a double pass combination in the center of the field (Diagram 1). After the combination, both players turn quickly to face their partner on the outside (Players C and D). The turning move that the players perform can be one of their own choosing, or a specific turning move can be determined by the coach. After turning away from Player B, Player A performs a double pass with Player C and turns back towards the center (Diagram 2). Player B performs a double pass with Player D and then turns to look for the next pass from Player A to begin the same sequence. The players must turn and pass as quickly as possible in order to time the next combination correctly. No player should be left standing and waiting for a pass in the center.

Coaching Points:

1.    Passing – Strike the top half of the ball.​

2.    Speed of Play – Properly weight the one touch return pass.

3.    Turning – Direct the first touch to a specific spot.


1.    Add a North to South line.

Players Required: 

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