Colored Gates in Pairs

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  • Put your players in pairs with one ball per group.
  • Create a series of gates (two cones, 1yd apart) for the players to pass through
  • Make half the ‘gates’ a different color of cone (example: 3 red gates, and 3 blue gates).
  • If you don’t have different color cones, make half the gates out of pennies.
  • Players have to pass through the gates to their partner on the other side. Once a gate has been passed through, the pair has to pass through a different gate for another point.
  • Play for 45 seconds. Ask players their score and repeat the game challenging each pair to beat their own score.


  • Groups have to alternate color of goal they go to, or can only go to one color etc. Be creative!

Coaching Points

  • Players need to try and take their first touch with the ball when receiving in the direction they want to go next.
  • Encourage players to open their body to the field so they can see more of it!
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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