Set Up:

Player 1 begins play by dribbling towards the line of players on the opposite side. Player 2 jumps out to defend, and the second player in line — Player 3 — looks to combine with Player 1 to beat the defender with a 2v1 combination. Upon completion of the combination, the ball is passed up to Player 4, who begins the next attack in the opposite direction, dribbling towards Players 5 and 6. Player 4 will combine with Player 6, and Player 5 will become the defender.

Coaching Points:

1.  Player 2 must read the defender’s run and set up on his blind side.​

2.  Look for other combinations when the defender takes away the wall pass.

3.  Player 2 must jump out to create a passing angle and not hide behind the defender.


Progression 1 – Add another line to the drill and play 3v2.

Players Required: 


CoachMejia07 on 9/23/2021

Perfect for everybody seeing wall passes