Hexa Possession Passing Drill

Set Up:

Six cones are set up in the shape of a hexagon (see diagram) with a small zone in the center.  One side of the field has players at each cone, while the other side has an open cone in a corner. Three players are stationed in the small center zone, and must stay inside of the zone during play.

The drill starts with a double pass combination with Players 1 and 2. After receiving, Player 1 turns and passes to Player 3. From there the ball is transferred to the other side of the field by using the players in the central zone. One player in the central zone serves as the target for the first pass from Player 3, while the other two players support him. The target receives (Player 4), plays a back pass to a support player (Player 6), and he passes to the player on the middle cone (Player 7). Player 3 sprints to the opposite side after passing, and arrives at the empty cone in time to receive the last pass. Upon completion, the drill re-starts in the opposite direction. 

Coaching Points:

1.  Support the target player from the correct distance.

2.  Support at an angle that sets up the next pass.

3.  Look to make one touch passess whenever possible.


1.  Add a defender in the central zone. 

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


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Hex Passing

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hexa passing drill

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