Flip the Triangles

Set Up:

The player at the top of the large triangle (Player 1) begins play with a pass into the player at the top of the small triangle (Player 4). From there, Players 4, 5, and 6 combine to send one of the outside players (Players 2 or 3) thru to the other side of the field. Upon completion, the players rotate to open cones in order to re-form the triangles, and the direction of play reverses. Possible combinations: Up, Back, and Thru, the Wall Pass, the Overlap, etc.

Coaching Points:

1.  Timing the runs - Hold the run until the combination develops. Extra touches will slow play down.

2.  Technique - Using more than one or two touches will result in a breakdown of the play.

3.  Verbal and Visual Cues - Make supporting runs early and communicate early as well.


1.    Progression 1 - Set up goals at both ends, run the same combinations with a finish on goal.

Players Required: 

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