One Goal + Endzone

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  • Split players into two teams playing 6v5. Team defending the large goal plays in a 2-3 (+gk) formation. Team attacking the big goal plays in a 3-2 formation.
  • Team attacking the large goal tries to score.
  • Team defending the large goals tries to dribble into the endzone.
  • All normal rules are in effect, including goalkicks and corners.
  • Ball restarts with coach if a goal is scored.

Coaching Points:

  • Communication (verbal vs non-verbal).
  • Movement off the ball when ball is initially won.
  • Recognizing space away from defenders.
  • Looking over shoulder, and opening body before receiving ball.
  • Speed of play. Encourage your players to play and make decisions as fast as their technique will allow them.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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