Continuous Wall Passes

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This is a soccer passing drill that will help players develop a feel for the wall pass.  Set up the drill with four cones placed in a square about 15 yards apart.  P1 starts in the middle of the box with the ball.  P1 begins the drill with a pass to P2 and follows the pass to apply passive pressure to P2.  P2 then passes to P3 and runs to the middle before receiving the ball back from P3.  P2 then passes to P4 and applies the passive pressure.  P4 makes a pass to P5, makes a move around P2, and receives a pass back from P5 in the middle of the box.  After several repetitions, the player who receives the ball in the middle should switch directions. Players should try to develop a rhythm and try to simulate game conditions by making quick passes and quick moves to the inside of the ox where they receive the return pass.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


coachleo on 10/21/2018

Passer - weight of pass, part of the foot/ball. Other players are to be on the toes( balls of their feet )




kkrotzer on 7/9/2018
Seraphimram55 on 6/10/2018

great group drill

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