Short Short Long the Ultimate Soccer Passing Drill

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Short-Short-Long is an essential passing drill for every team.  Setup goups of 3 with 1 ball.  Players 1-2 start less than 10 yards apart and player 3 should be no less that 15 yards away.  Player 1 passed to player 2, player 2 quickly passes back to player 1.  Player 1 makes a long pass to player 3 on the ground or through the air.  Player 1 follows the pass.  Player 3 traps the ball and the drill starts all over.  Player 3 passes to player 1, player one quickly passes back to player 3.  Player 3 makes a long pass to player 2...etc.  Start by passing the ball on the ground.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


bgreenhaw on 10/25/2018


dFerguson on 4/5/2018

Simple and effective. A great unrestricted passing warmup!

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