Three Goal Counter


  • On a half field, place three counter-goals (2yd wide) across halfway line.
  • Place a line of cones to act as a halfway line on field.
  • Play 8v8, with on team defending the three counter goals, and the other team defending the large goal.
  • Team defending the large goal should be placed in a formation that is similar to the formation your team plays in games.
  • Normal rules. If a goal is scored, play restarts with coach.
  • Offisde rule in effect.

Coaching Points:

  • Only coach the players defending the big goal.
  • Pressuring defender needs to get to attacker quickly In order to limit space for the shot. Their goal is to not get beat 1v1, get their body in the way of any shot that might happen.
  • Covering defender needs to remain tight enough to pressuring defender to help limit space to shoot, while also remaining close enough to 2nd attacker to immediately pressure them if they get the ball before they shoot.
  • Both pressure and cover should get tighter together the closer they are to their own goal.
  • Communication to organize defenders.
  • Effective use of offside when appropriate.
  • Line on confrontation (when is our team going to start pressuring the ball so we can remain compact)?
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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