First Touch Drill, Pt. 2

Set Up:

Player 1 passes thru the zone to Player 2 (not pictured). Player 2 takes his first touch around a cone, then back into the zone. From inside of the zone, Player 2 passes back out to Player 1 . From there, Player 1 lays the ball off and switches places with Player 2. Player 2 runs onto the ball and passes it up to Player 3. Player 3 takes his first touch around a cone and then back into the zone, passing it back out to Player 2. Player 2 lays it off and they switch places. Play continues in this back and forth pattern with an emphasis on each players’ first touch.

Coaching Points:

1.  Technique – Choose your technique (the inside or outside of the foot) as soon as possible.​

2.  First touch – Try not to drag the ball square or backwards. Make a positive first touch.

3.  Passing – Look up as soon as you make your first touch and spot the target before passing.


Progression 1 – Use feinting moves before and after receiving.

Players Required: 

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