Shooting Box

This Soccer Drill focuses on shooting the ball quickly off of a pass.  One player is in the box created by the four cones and three other players are about 10 - 15 yards away, each with soccer balls.  P2 passes the ball to P1 and P1 has to receive the ball, turn and shoot while staying in the box.  Player should try to get the shot off with only two touches.  P1 receives a pass from all three players outside the box and then switches with another player.  Players inside the box should try to turn both ways and work on shooting with both feet.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


celticderek on 5/9/2021

Add pressure 

celticderek on 5/9/2021

We will progress to adding pressure

Ben Davis on 2/25/2019
2 touches and shoot
coachleo on 10/21/2018

Player in the box, accuracy before power. Head up, part of the foot/ball, using both feet. Players outside of the box, weight of passes, part of the foot/ball.

khering0813 on 10/16/2018
kkrotzer on 7/15/2018

good drill and can add a defender for pressure.

dhelmer on 6/29/2018


chiny77 on 6/25/2018


victor on 1/27/2018

is good

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