Dribble Into Space

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  • Set up field as shown. Each box is 8x8yds (bigger or smaller depending on ability)
  • Play 3v1 in each corner, with one attacking player in the other corner.
  • Once the attacking team complete 3 or more passes (depending on ability), a player can break out of the 8x8yd box and run with the ball to the center area. The waiting player takes the ball from the dribbler in that box and heads back to the 3v1 area where the 3v1 resumes.
  • Play for 1 minute and then switch defender in the center.
  • Attacking teams get a point for each “handoff” in the center area they can do before time runs out.

Coaching Points:

  • Opening of body to take a touch into space when available.
  • Speed of first touch into space after the required number of passes.
  • Speed of dribbling into space to “handoff” ball in center zone.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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