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Set Up:

Two players are 1 v 1 in the center of the field. Five players are stationed around the outside to feed balls into the attacker. The attacker finishes five consecutive attacks before the players switch roles. An attack is over when the balls is put out of play or a goal has been scored. A running score is kept for both players. After the game is over, the players switch out with two of the outside feeders.

The coach keeps track of wins, losses, ties, and the total number of goals scored.  

Coaching Points:

1.  Feel for the defender behind you and determine his position.

2.  If a defender is overly aggressive, shield the ball and turn on him. 

3.  Once past the defender, take the dribble into his path to seal him off.


1.  Each Feeder has two balls, and each player finishes ten balls in a row.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: