Crocs in the River - U6 Soccer Activity

Crocs in the River - U6 Soccer Dribbling Activity


  • In your grid, all players have a ball and are on one end. The coach(es) stand(s) in the middle.
  • When the coach says ‘go,’ all players (the swimmers) try to dribble from one end of the grid to the other without getting their ball stolen by the coach (the crocodile).
  • If a player gets their ball stolen, they must perform a special activity for the croc to spit them out (ex: touching the top of the ball with the bottom of their feet alternating eight times, or passing the ball between their feet eight times). Players cannot become a croc with the coach - we want them to keep dribbling their soccer ball! Be goofy! Make lots of silly noises!

Coaching Points

  • Ask players to think about the length of their touches, and how they can use the different parts of their feet to manipulate the direction of the ball. When do we use big touches, and when should they be smaller?
  • Show players how to deceive the crocs be leaning one way and then dribbling the other. What body parts can we use to deceive someone? (hips, eyes, shoulders, legs). Ask them to be creative!
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
1 per player


Bhholt on 2/28/2021

Parents can help with this drill

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