Get Your Own Ball

Get your own ball - U8 Soccer Dribbling Game / Activity


  • Every player needs to have a ball, except for three players.
  • The players without a ball are trying to steal a ball from someone who has one. If a player loses their ball, they have to steal someone else’s.
  • If someone is trying to steal a ball, but kicks it out. The person they were trying to take it from still keeps the ball. (Meaning, if you kick it out the other person gets it!)
  • Play for 45 seconds and stop. The three players who don’t have a ball at the end lose. Play again!
  • Have a goofy activity for the losing players to do. Examples: donkey kicks, star jumps, etc


  • Patience as defender. Diving into a challenge allows an attacker to use your momentum against you to get around you. Try and stay with an attacker, and wait for them to take a poor touch before attempting a tackle.
  • Technique of tackling. Don’t stab at ball, but step in between attacker and the ball to win possession.
Goals Required: 

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