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Set Up:

  • There are 3-5 players in the drill, every player has a ball.

  • One at a time, the players hand their ball to the coach who tosses their ball in a different direction while telling them how to bring the ball back.

  • Ways to ask the players to bring it back: running (with ball in hand), skipping, hopping. Using only their elbows touching the ball. Using only their knees etc.

Coaching Points:

  • Have fun, and be creative with the actions.

  • Encourage players to think about how they can bring the ball back, only using the body parts you’ve said they could use. Don’t let them break the rules that you give.


  • Give them ways to bring the ball back that are more soccer specific: dribbling the ball, dribbling using only the bottom of their feet, using only the inside of their feet etc.

Goals Required: 
Players Required: 


Greglawson on 1/30/2022

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