Guardians of the field

Guardians of the field - U6 fun soccer drill


  • Each player has a ball
  • Two coaches (or parents) move around area without a ball
  • They are the invaders.
  • Players attempt to kick their ball to hit one of the invaders. Every time they hit an invader, they get a point. Ask players to remember their score.
  • Play for 45 seconds, and ask players their scoress
  • Play again and ask players to beat their score from the previous round.


Use guided questions during the rest periods between rounds:- "How can you keep the ball more in control, and turn direction quickly to keep up with the invaders?" (take little touches on the ball)- "What part of your foot could you use to be more accurate with the ball when kicking at the invaders?" (inside of the foot...large surface area, so more accurate!"- "How hard should you kick the ball to hit the invader? Why wouldn't you want to kick it too soft or too hard" (too soft and it doesn't hit the invader...too hard and you have to run after your ball if you miss!)

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
1 per player

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